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5 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Returns

It is a false perception that you need to have lots of money if you want to become a business person. Yes, there are businesses, which require the setup of infrastructure, but again, there are many that hardly require anything. A room to sit and work in, a laptop, an internet connection, creativity and a lot of sincere hard work is what you need. If you wish to get access to some business ideas with low investment and high profit, read on!

Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

Tours and Travel

If you are a travel buff yourself and love planning holidays, you could become a travel consultant. There are plenty of tour operators who plan a holiday as if they were planning a school schedule. Organising holidays for people with a passion that will help them enjoy their destinations is something that is always in shortage. Developing contacts within the airline and hospitality industry is the key to success in this business.

Breakfast Bistro

A small outlet in the backyard of your house could become a favourite with the likes of people who are rushing for work and do not have time to prepare a decent meal early in the morning. Your cooking skills could make life easier for them and richer for you – not only in financial terms but also with the love and appreciation of your customers. The food business guarantees quick returns as you get your payments instantly.

Event Management

This is another business, which requires the prime investment of time for building and maintaining relationships with the vendors. It is best to have a specialised field of events, though there is no condition that you need to restrict yourself.  Research venues that could be suitable for your field and build a database of all potential suppliers for your needs such as sound systems, lights, furniture, souvenirs, decorations etc. They shall take care of storing these goods. All you need is a place to store your ideas in.


If photography is your passion, take up a professional course before you consider it as a career option. Once you are equipped with that, sky is the limit. Photography is essential in many fields – be it fashion, media, journalism, web designing or anything else. Your portfolio could be the key to getting several freelance assignments. You could also take exclusive pictures and sell to the media agencies for use in their projects for a handsome price.

Translation Services

When travelling to a foreign country, either for a holiday or business, many people face a language issue. If you have multilingual abilities, you can freelance as a translator in high profile meetings, seminars and conferences. You could also build a team of translators who can cover most languages to grow your chances of success.

Every business requires patience and persistence. Though the returns may be good, it takes time to build your presence and reputation. Do not give up in face of obstacles and success shall be yours.


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