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All You Want to Know About Google Voice and Its Working

For a layman to understand what Google Voice is and how does Google Voice work, you can consider it in this manner. If you have more than one smartphone and you are using different numbers in these devices, then you can use Google Voice. It is a VoIP (Voice over IP) service through which you can use a single number for all your devices. Thus, instead of keeping separate numbers for private and work-related calling, you can use a single number and choose the device, which will ring when someone calls. Thus, it helps unifying communication channels through a free phone number called the Google Voice number.

What Is Google Voice?

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The service was launched a decade back in 2009 to enable people to send texts, make and receive calls and use call forwarding feature without paying a penny for it. The main purpose of it was to consolidate multiple phones onto one single number. But, smartphones penetration happened drastically and then came apps, which became the lifeline of people. This made Google Voice fall behind. After remaining stagnant for years, the service is back with a bang after an overhauling.

How Does Google Voice Work?

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This Google Voice number is the one that you will give to people who want to contact you. Whenever there is an incoming call, you have multiple options to handle it. You can forward the call to the phone you want. It can be your smartphone, office phone, house phone etc. Though it uses VoIP technology, Google Voice is not one at the core. It just uses this technology to allow international calls at cheaper rates and to route some of the calls. In case you don’t want to take Google Voice number, you can also port your existing number to this service and use it as Google number. However, you can do so only by fulfilling certain conditions.

Is the Service Free?

It can be set up on a computer or you can download its Android or iOS app for free. All the features included in the app are free. You need to pay only for a few things like if you make an international call.

Ringing Multiple Phones 

Once you have a Google Voice account, a whole world of interesting settings and preferences opens up for you. The most common and interesting feature is the one, which allows you to set six different phones or devices to it. Every time you get an incoming call on your Google number, it can be made to ring on a particular phone you want. For instance, if it is from your colleague, the office phone will ring and so on. Linking multiple phones and activating other features require some simple settings, which can be easily done even by a layman.

So, your query ‘how does Google Voice work’ must be satisfied by now. It is a good alternative to make free local calls and cheap calls at VoIP rates to any international destination.


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