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Best Ways to Increase Water Pressure in Shower

Water always makes us feel fresh. Be it after a long day at work or even a bad event that has left us drained, a quick shower can seem to improve things in our mind drastically while relaxing us for a temporary time. Any day is incomplete without a relaxing long shower that will help you switch you minds from something that is stressing you out to the lighter things in your day. However, if you are experiencing low pressures from your shower, then it can get more annoying than relaxing in the shower wherein you will want to finish showering as quickly as possible. It can be quite patience-testing when the water is really slow in your shower. If you are wondering how to increase water pressure in shower, then here are some useful tips that will help you out.

How to Check If the Water Pressure Is Low?

Before you jump into solving your shower water pressure problems, you would want to make sure that indeed the water pressure is slow. Here is a quick method to do that:

  1. Place a 1-litre empty jug under your shower and turn the full shower on.
  2. Record the time it takes to fill in the job. If it takes more than 6-10 seconds, then there definitely is a low pressure situation in your shower. 

What Causes Low Pressure in Shower?

Well, there may be a plethora of reasons causing the low pressure in your shower. May be the mains of your shower is experiencing problems from the main city flow, which in turn is translated to your shower experiencing the same. Another reason could be that there might be a leak in the pipe of your home, which is reducing the water flow from the mains to the shower. A common problem causing low pressure in shower is also clogging of sediments in the shower head itself, which leads to restricting the flow out of your shower. 

How to Increase Water Pressure in Shower?

Here are some of the simple solutions that you can follow to make sure there is adequate amount of water pressure in your shower. 

  1. Clean out the sediments blocking your shower head
  2. Replace the faulty shower head to make sure that you maximize the water flowing to your shower head. 
  3. Ensure that your main is supplying the right volume of water to different outlets in your home, including the shower.
  4. Call up the plumber and make sure to get all the pipes and outlets leading to your shower checked for any potential leaks or over-sizing of pipes. 

The right kind of water pressure is essential in your shower to make sure you get that relaxing experience in it. There are many ways and answers to the questions how to increase water pressure in shower. But, make sure you use the right one and try out all of them if necessary to ensure that your shower has the right water pressure in it!


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