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Run one mile: check. Do 50 pushups: check. Plank for one minute: check. Backslide into your former state of inactivity after only one week of exercise in 2019: check. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, it’s not too late to recommit to your fitness-focused New Year’s resolution (don’t feel bad, it’s the easiest resolution […]

How To Make & Manage Music Playlists For VLC Media Player

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One of my favourite software apps by far is VLC Media Player. I love how it plays anything you throw at it and I particularly like its playlist features too. If you’re in the flow, work-wise, there’s nothing worse than having to stop all the time to start a new MP3 album or one single […]

The Best Mileage Tracking Apps

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If you aren’t tracking the miles you drive for work, you’re losing money. Period. Any self-employed person can deduct up to $0.585 per mile from their annual taxes for qualified miles, and believe us, that adds up. Think about it like this: for every 100 miles you drive, you can deduct $58.50. And if you’ve […]

How to Recover a Deleted Folder on Android Devices

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Did you accidentally delete a whole folder of photos from your Android phone? Are you looking for a way to undo it all? Well, you’re in luck. Follow the steps below and you’ll have access to access your precious pictures in no time. Understanding Folders No folder is safe from deletion. You can accidentally erase […]

Use Google Location Sharing to Keep Track of Loved Ones

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It seems hard to imagine now, but not too long ago, you couldn’t simply get in touch with someone anytime you wanted to. Once your child, spouse or friend was out of sight, you literally had no way of knowing if anything was wrong until long after the fact. The mobile phone made that a […]

4 Simple and Easy Ways to Secure Windows 10

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Windows 10 represents three decades of development and as an operating system it’s pretty polished by now. That doesn’t mean, though, that when you boot up a fresh copy of this operating system, it’s perfect in every way. Windows 10 still needs some tweaking to really offer a good level of security. On top of […]

Netflix vs Hulu vs Prime – The Best Streaming Service in 2019

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Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are almost more prevalent than cable these days. In fact, a news story from late 2017 showed that Netflix had nearly as many customers as traditional cable services did. The service has only grown since then. Streaming services win out because they offer more on-demand options at a lower price […]

What are Portable Apps and Why Should You Care?

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Have you ever tried to do real work on your phone or tablet? Your everyday, pay the bills, kind of work? It can be done, but with just a touchscreen, it’s a real pain isn’t it? There are some things for which you just need a real keyboard and mouse. But if you must start […]

Battle of the Smart Home Hubs – SmartThings vs Wink

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Smart home hubs are the lifeblood of any fully connected home. These devices act as a “translator” between protocols. For example, if a device that uses only Zigbee needs to communicate with a device that only uses Z-Wave, then a smart home hub can be used as an intermediary between the two. There are two […]

The Ultimate List of YouTube Tips, Hacks, and Shortcuts

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YouTube has a surprising number of shortcuts built straight into it that many people don’t know about. If you want to know what tips exist for YouTube, read through this guide. You can treat this guide as the ultimate tips, hacks, and shortcuts list for everybody’s favorite video content platform. Some of these shortcuts and […]